Integrate x64 Third-Party files into existing VS projects

Short descriptions on how to use the SDK, the build environment and giving hints on some tricky issues.
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Integrate x64 Third-Party files into existing VS projects

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This HowTo will show you how to compile the source SDK for x64 on Windows. The delivered SDK for Windows Developers usually contain preset Visual Studio project files for 32Bit only.

Important: This HowTo shows the possibility of building the source SDK (this will NOT work for the examples in EVAL packages).

Integrating into existing Visual Studio projects:
  1. Create and compile OpenSSL (and LibXml2 for C++ only) files for 64Bit.
  2. Copy OpenSSL (and LibXml2 for C++ only) files into the proper SDK structure (sdk\third-party\win64\vs2008sp1\openssl).
  3. Start the delivered Visual Studio solution in the Unified Automation source SDK.
  4. Open the Configuration Manager via Solution Platforms-> Configuration Manager in your Visual Studio Solution.
  5. Click Active Solution Platform and select New.
  6. Choose in Type or select the new platform the option x64 and press OK.
  7. Adapt all paths in the Visual Studio solution to the new third-party files (e.g.: third-party\win32\vs2008sp1\openssl\out32dll.dbg to third-party\win64\vs2008sp1\openssl\out32dll.dbg).
  8. Recompile the whole SDK.

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