problem to test UaGateway

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problem to test UaGateway

Post by Yannickboutin »

Hello everyone,
I redid the installation several times, but I don't have the 'Device Address Space' in the 'configuration tool'. I don't understand how to display the Devices. I'm in the demo version.
help me?

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Support Team
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Re: problem to test UaGateway

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if the ConfigTool shows complete "blank" window, it most probably can not connect to the UaGateway (or is connected to some other server, but not to an UaGateway). You can right-click in the menu bar and switch on the log window, to investigate what is going wrong.

Most probably UaGateway is not running so that the ConfigTool can not connect. Check systray icon in Windows status bar, for UaGateway is running (green triangle icon), if not, start UaGateway.
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