Write service for custom datatypes

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Write service for custom datatypes

Post by sudhapc »

Hi Team,

i have one usecase where i have a custom datatype (dynamically generated) under enumerations.
This customdatatype node has enumValues variable node as a child node.
From my client i want to set the value to one of variable node whose datatype is custom datatype.

Am getting badtypemismatch error. i have checked the datatype and valuerank is fine.

xyz--(DataType Node)
-->EnumValues(Variable node)

myvariablenode-->datatype is the xyz.

from client am sending list of extension objects which has only one item which is holding the value.

pls refer the client side code below.

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byte[] cp;
            var customDataTypeReferenceDescriptions = GetCustomDataTypesFromServer(dataType, session);
            if (customDataTypeReferenceDescriptions.Count > 0)
                var customDataTypeChildNode =
                        out cp);
                var arrayOfExtensionObjects = ReadArrayOfEnumValues(session, customDataTypeChildNode[0].NodeId.ToNodeId(session.NamespaceUris),
                var mappedExtensionObject = arrayOfExtensionObjects.SingleOrDefault(item =>
                    ((EnumValueType) item.Body).DisplayName.ToString(null,CultureInfo.InvariantCulture) == value);
                List<ExtensionObject> listOfExtensionObjects = new List<ExtensionObject>();
                return CreateWriteValue(Attributes.Value, new Variant(listOfExtensionObjects),

server side code:

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var array = (ExtensionObject[])updateNodesParameter.Value.Value;
            var listOfDataValues = array.Select(item => new EnumValueType
                DisplayName = ((EnumValueType)item.Body).DisplayName,
                Value = ((EnumValueType)item.Body).Value,
                Description = ((EnumValueType)item.Body).Description
            updateNodesParameter.Value = new DataValue() { WrappedValue = new Variant(listOfDataValues) };
            var x = m_UpdateNodesParameter.MmdNodeManager.writeToOpcua(m_UpdateNodesParameter.Context,
                m_UpdateNodesParameter.IndexRange, m_UpdateNodesParameter.Value);
            return x;

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Re: Write service for custom datatypes

Post by Support Team »


Enumerated DataTypes have a property either called EnumStrings or called EnumValues. The value of this property describes the DataType.

If a Variable has an enumerated DataType, the value always is sent as Int32. A client can use the information from the property to use a string representation for the numeric value. But the numeric value needs to be sent.
Best regards
Unified Automation Support Team

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