Create an OPC-UA Client AND Server application

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Create an OPC-UA Client AND Server application

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I'm currently developing a Soft PLC using C# .NET Core.
I want all instances of the PLC to be able to communication with each other.
In order to do so, I need to implement both OPC-UA Client and Server side in my application.

During the application startup, I first start the OPC-UA Server and then the Client.
In order to configurate the client, I call the SetApplicationSettings method (located inside UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.ApplicationInstanceBase).
This method throws an exception because the attribute ConfigurationLoaded is already set to true (after the server startup).

My question is :
Is it possible to have both client and server side inside the same application using Unified Automation SDK?
If yes, how can I avoid the above described exception ?

Thanks in advance !

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