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HistoryReadRaw with multiple nodes and ContinuationPoint

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HistoryReadRaw with multiple nodes and ContinuationPoint

Postby aldebaran_wildt » 27 Feb 2020, 13:10

when I use session.HistoryReadRaw with many nodesToRead, and in my results I find ContinuationPoints for some of the nodes (but not all of them), what is the best way to proceed:
I call session.HistoryReadRaw again with a new nodesToRead-List which only contains the nodes, that returned a ContinuationPoint? So I have to append the new results to the correct results lists from the first read operation.
Or is there an elegant way to call HistoryReadRaw again with the original nodesToRead, but mark the nodes, which did not return a ContinuationPoint, as "ignorable" somehow, so merging the results would be straight forward?
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Re: HistoryReadRaw with multiple nodes and ContinuationPoint

Postby Support Team » 31 Mar 2020, 13:11


Your first approach is the correct one. There is currently no toolkit functionality that can merge the further history read results.
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