subscribe data from the client

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subscribe data from the client

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I have one question about the writing and reading data in OPC UA.

I have tested OPC UA client and server by writing specific values on the server and reading these values from the client.

But for the project, I have to transfer sensor data to OPC UA Server. It means that I should use the client as a publisher.

Can I make client publish data to the server?

I do not expect the solution but a just intuition or approach.


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Re: subscribe data from the client

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you can either be client and write to a variable/node of a server or (if the server supports the subscriber side of the PubSub extension) you can "publish" dataSet and server may be configured to pick it up. Depending on what is the server supposed to do with the sensor data, and the capabilities of the server, you can either do the one or the other.
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