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About client certificate on "D:" drive

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About client certificate on "D:" drive

Postby k.maeda » 07 Jan 2020, 02:21

Hi SupportTeam,

I'm developing OPC UA Client with C# and "UaSDKNet".
I have question about client certificate.

I trying connect client to server in local machine.
This local machine has installed Windows on "D:" drive.

In this, Failed to connect,
and output the following exception.
StatusCode : BadCertificateInvalid
ErrorMessage: "The client application does not have a certificate assigned. Secured connections are not possible."

SDK log not output error log, and terminated processing for connect.
03:37.12|0001|02|5|<= Discovery.EndGetEndpoints
03:37.12|0001|02|5|=> Session.BeginConnect(EndpointUrl=opc.tcp://XXXXXXX:4841)
03:37.13|0001|01|5|<= ApplicationInstance.Start

I checked to exist client certificate.
If start on administrator, this not occured.

But, this not occured some machine,
and I couldn't identified conditions that occurred.

Are you aware of any of the above error caused by "D:" drive?
Or Can SDK log output details of client certificate error?
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Re: About client certificate on "D:" drive

Postby Support Team » 13 Jan 2020, 12:20


We did not test our example applications on machines with windows installed at other drives than C. If there are are problems finding the certificate store related to the path to the windows installation, then you should configure the the absolute path for the certificate stores in your application configuration (ApplicationCertificate in app.config or in code).
Best regards
Unified Automation Support Team
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