About connect for EndPointURI in local machine

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About connect for EndPointURI in local machine

Post by k.maeda »

Hi SupportTeam,

I'm developing OPC UA Client with C# and "UaSDKNet".
I have question about connect for EndPointURI.

I trying connect client to server in local machine.
Hostname of EndPointURI is self hostname.

In this, If LAN was disabled while connected UA session, Temporarily disconnected UA session.

I thought it is specification.
But it did not occur with "UaExpert".

I watch log of "UaExpert", look like "UaExpert" was developed using "UaSDKCpp".
I watch source code of "UaSDKCpp", look like self hostname of EndPointURI was converted to localhost by method "OpcUa_P_ParseUrl()".

Does "UaSDKNet" automatically convert self hostname to localhost for like "UaSDKCpp"?
If so, what is configuration to apply it?

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