OPC Ua Client: Create Data Monitored Items

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OPC Ua Client: Create Data Monitored Items

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Hello i'm new here and new also in OPC ua programming.

i tried to create a monitored items operation. but it's always throw an exception error.
i tested to connect and read variables on Siemens plc.

can anyone help me?

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  public void StartMonitoring(short PlcIndex)
                // Create and initialize subscription
                m_subscription = new Subscription(m_opc.GetSession());
                m_subscription.PublishingEnabled = true;
                m_subscription.PublishingInterval = 100;

                // Data change events will be received through Subscription_DataChanged
                m_subscription.DataChanged += new DataChangedEventHandler(Subscription_DataChanged);

                // Create subscription on server
                foreach (XmlLineNodeClass temp in m_PlcNode.LineNode)
                    string sNode = "\"Aufträge_FSD\".\"Auftrag\"[0].\"SAP_Daten\".\"Strebe\"";
                    NodeId NodeIdNew = new NodeId(sNode, m_opc.GetNamespaceIndex());
                    DataMonitoredItem monitoredItem = new DataMonitoredItem(NodeIdNew);
                // Step 3 --------------------------------------------------
                // Create monitored items on server
                List<StatusCode> results = m_subscription.CreateMonitoredItems(m_monitoredItems);
            catch(Exception e)
                m_ error = e.Message, 
            // Display any errors.      

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Re: OPC Ua Client: Create Data Monitored Items

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What kind of exception is caught? Please describe the content of the exception.
Best regards
Unified Automation Support Team

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