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UaGateway server status No licence

Questions regarding installing, running and configuring UaGateway.

UaGateway server status No licence

Postby jmrrosa » 02 Nov 2019, 06:41


I just configure the UaGateway to be able to communicate with a DCS from a client that doesn’t support OPC UA. I have followed the steps to configure the UAGateway but when I add the my OPC server i get the message server status: No license.


I am using a virtual machine to test the system but i already install the software on the client’s server and the result is the same.

This is how I have the configuration:




I am using a S7-1500 as a OPC server and if I use the UaExpert I'm able to see the configured tags, so I assume that my server its ok.

This is a relative new topic for me so I hope that someone can help me with this.

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Re: UaGateway server status No licence

Postby Support Team » 08 Jan 2020, 18:17


after one (1) hour the "evaluation edition" of UaGateway will drop the connection to the underlying server (in your case the connection to the S7-1500). You can restart the UaGateway and try again.

If you purchase the license for your UaGateway and import the license key, the connection will stay up continiously.

If you use UaExpert you directly connect to S7-1500 (UAServer on board). Only if you use old classic DA Client, you would need UaGateway to convert back to classic DA Server. You must connect to ProgID "UnifiedAutomation.UaGateway.1" to test the connection.
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