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MaxNotificationsPerPublish in V2.6.1.422

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MaxNotificationsPerPublish in V2.6.1.422

Postby msiponen » 05 Jul 2019, 10:08


I'm developing a client application where the application is required to create more than 1000 monitored items. Instead of receiving DataChangeNotifications for all monitored items in a single Publish response, it would be preferable to receive 100-200 DataChangeNotifications per Publish response to give the client more time to process these messages. However, changing the value of a Subscription object's MaxNotificationsPerPublish on the client seems to have no effect. I also tried to edit the server application's Configuration Schema XML file's MaxNotificationsPerPublish value, but it had no effect either.

What should I do to limit the number of DataChangeNotifications per Publish response?


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