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I've got some problems in monitoring events with the UaExpert Client.
I modeled Objects with the UaModeler and generated the code.
Normally I create Objects manually by code with the CreateObjectSetting, where it is possible to set the NotifierParent like this:

Code: Select all

CreateObjectSettings settings = new CreateObjectSettings()      
                    ParentNodeId = new NodeId(1000, InstanceNamespaceIndex),
                    ReferenceTypeId = UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.ReferenceTypeIds.Organizes,
                    RequestedNodeId = new NodeId("CNC", DefaultNamespaceIndex),
                    BrowseName = new QualifiedName("CNC", InstanceNamespaceIndex),
                    TypeDefinitionId = new NodeId(ObjectTypes.MachineToolType, TypeNamespaceIndex),
                    // need to create a notifier hierarchy for events to propagate.
                    [b]NotifierParent = UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.ObjectIds.Server,[/b]
                    EventNotifier = UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.EventNotifiers.SubscribeToEvents, //

                ObjectNode InterNode = CreateObject(Server.DefaultRequestContext, settings);
with this object I have no problems in monitoring events.

But when I try to monitor the UaModeler created Object I can not monitor the events. In the modeler I set the EventNotifier of the specific Object to 1 (EventNotifierSubscribeToEvents), but it is not possible to set the NotfierParent for this Object.

Do you have any example code how to set the NotifierParent to an existing / UaModeler created Object? (Do I have to add it in the XML file?)
Or is there anything else what I can do?

Thank you in advanced.

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