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Cannot quite grasp how to use real data in Server

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Cannot quite grasp how to use real data in Server

Postby magixen » 13 May 2019, 13:43

hello everyone, im currently in the processs to learn how to implement a OPC UA Server into my control software. I started by going through the tutorial, but now im kind of stuck on lesson 3/4 where im trying to connect the informationmodel with real data.
based on what i understood from the lessons, you create a deviceinterface which is the interface between the nodemanager and my controlsoftware. what i dont understand is how to map a node to the desired variable/method of my software.

the example just traverses through all nodes and if the name of the node equals some criteria it gets updated/read. this seems really impractical for larger projects with tons of of nodes.
lets say i have two Temperaturesensors, which are 2 objects of the same type in the informationmodel and in my software they are two instances of the same class. how do i decide which temperaturrsensor is read? is there really no other ways except traversing and comparing all nodes and deciding based of the description of the node?

isnt there a more userfriendly way to map nodes to properties/methods? for example creating a deviceinterface which holds objectinstances of the nodes. A c#-objectoriented reprenstation of the nodes is already provided by uamodeler. i would then extend them with the necessary logic.

maybe im just missing some points and making it way harder than it really is. i hope someone could enlighten me.

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