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Unified Automation UAExpert and PLCNext image

Questions regarding the use of the UaExpert.

Unified Automation UAExpert and PLCNext image

Postby ReverendGolf » 13 May 2019, 13:10

Hello Unified Automation forum,

For a school project I have to send an image through Unified Automation UAExpert. Since I cannot find any useful information on the internet I decided to turn to this forum. I was wondering how I can send an image from Unified Automation UAExpert to a PLCNext system (if that is even possible). The Unified Automation server has already been set up on the PLCNext device.

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Re: Unified Automation UAExpert and PLCNext image

Postby Support Team » 08 Jan 2020, 18:38


this would only be possible if the server can handle the file format data type of that image.
I doubt that the PLCNext can do so. what should the PLC do with the image?
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Unified Automation Support Team
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