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HistorieManagerXXXX readRaw

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HistorieManagerXXXX readRaw

Postby Jens Koch » 29 Apr 2019, 16:15

I try to make an server app. which can accept read of historical data.
Those data are already saved in like another DataBase, which the server can read-access.
no problem reading real-time Value,statusCode all timestamps.

I've added the HistoryRead (User)AccesLevel to the Node. Implemented a readRaw, and HistoryManager....

At this moment I just make some fake historical data. Sending back from within readRaw.
I've manage to get feedback, that is when Client (UaExpert(HistoryTrendView)) ask for some historical data, the server app is react in the readRaw func.
but I always receive ex:

"HistoryReadRawModified succeeded"
"HistoryReadDataResults of node 'NS2|Numeric|100014' contains 11 values"
"The type of the history values of node 'NS2|Numeric|100014' can not be displayed"

And yes it say "succeeded" and contains 11 values (which is as expected) BUT then
"The type of the history values of node 'NS2|Numeric|100014' can not be displayed"

So any idea's what is it that i'm missing

Jens Koch
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