I can not start ANSI C DemoServer in Visual Studio debugger

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I can not start ANSI C DemoServer in Visual Studio debugger

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This FAQ is deprecated!

Since UA SDK ANSIC V1.2.1 the OpenSSL Dlls on Windows have been renamed to avoid this problem.
Debug-Version: libeay32d.dll
Release-Version: libeay32.dll

When compiled in debug mode the OPC UA Demo Server will need OpenSSL library in debug mode as well, because debug versions in Visual Studio are using a different heap implementation than release versions.

In general you should never mix debug and release versions of libraries.

In the SDK packages we ship a precompiled OPC UA Demo Server, located in bin folder. This Server and the required OpenSSL library (libeay32.dll) are compiled in release mode. If you now compile the OPC UA Demo Server yourself in debug mode, the executable will be generated into the bin folder. When starting up, the Demo Server tries to load the OpenSSL library, but this is still the release compiled version and the Server will not start up.

You need to copy the debug version of OpenSSL into the bin folder. The required debug DLL is located in the folder third-partyopensslout32dll.dbg
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