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Suggesion Box - Doxygen Comments

Questions regarding the use of the .NET SDK 2.0 for Server or Client development or integration into customer products ...

Suggesion Box - Doxygen Comments

Postby bradleyward » 14 Feb 2014, 17:56

I'm a relative newcomer to the Unified Automation .Net Client SDK, but after evaluating the options I did decide to hook my cart to the Unified Automation SDK and so it is in my best interest to do whatever I can to help Unified Automation do what they say they want to do, which is to produce the very best OPC SDK's available.

So with that as an introduction, let me make a comment and suggestion about the SDK documentation. First of all, Doxygen is also my preferred way of documenting any API's I build, so I am glad to see that you use it. But I would like to encourage your development staff to provide a little more "knowledge" in their Doxygen comments and not just "information".

Here is an example of what I am talking about: The UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.TypeInfo class has a lot of different methods that use the "int valueRank" argument. In every case I could find, the Doxygen supplied description of this argument is apparently just:

#param valueRank The value rank.

That is "information", but contains no knowledge, and actually is equivalent (in terms of knowledge transfer to users) to this:

#param valueRank

Here is a simple "search and replace" that could be done that in my opinion would REALLY give users some real knowledge: Change this #param statment to:

#param valueRank The value rank. See ValueRanks class for typical values.

Hope this helps. I really like the positive response I've seen in this forum from your support staff, and that encourages me to take the time to send in comments like this. Keep up the good work!

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Re: Suggesion Box - Doxygen Comments

Postby Support Team » 17 Feb 2014, 14:59

Hello Brad,

Thank you for your advice. Our SDKs and their documentation are developed permanently and we will follow your hint for the next release.

Best regards
Support Team
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Support Team
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Re: Suggesion Box - Doxygen Comments

Postby eddie007 » 24 Apr 2019, 11:36

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