Using a KeyValuePair Variable in UaModeler

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Using a KeyValuePair Variable in UaModeler

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Hello support forum.

name of the product: UaModeler
version number:
operating system Windows 10

I'm trying to use a Variable from the DataType KeyValuePair in my Information Model. This Variable should be ReadOnly and should have a Value.

Question: How can I write a Value to one Variable from a DataType KeyValuePair in UaModeler.
Until now I could only set the Key Value, but not the Value Value, because this field is not writable in UaModeler.
I tried to use this Variable in different ValueRank modes (Scalar, OneDimention etc), but it was not possible to set the Value of the Value Field.

Thank you in advance for your Help

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Re: Using a KeyValuePair Variable in UaModeler

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The OPC UA DataType KeyValuePair is a structured DataType consisting of the fields
[*]Key with DataType QualifiedName
[*]Value with DataType BaseDataType

Unfortunatelly there is currently writing values for DataType BaseDataType is not supported.
Best regards
Unified Automation Support Team

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