External PKI Certificate Manager Integration

Questions regarding the use of UaGDS - the OPC UA Global Discovery and Security Management Server

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External PKI Certificate Manager Integration

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Greetings !!!

I am new to OPCUa GDS and was looking for support for integrating external PKI certificate manager like OpenXPKI.

Requesting your guidance on the same.


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Re: External PKI Certificate Manager Integration

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this is not (yet) possible with the UaGDS, the UaGDS is a CA (certificate authority) by itself. This has the advantage that the certificates created, signed and rolled out by the UaGDS fully comply to the OPC UA standard (addtional extension fields, content filled out correctly, etc.). Second advantange is that you can build up your chain of trust without any (external) connectivity required (e.g. inside your machine).

We are in contact with companies running external CA to get the requirements for OPC UA certificates (and automatic revocation roll out) ligned up.
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