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Re: Need help - Not able to load custom bin files

Posted: 17 Jun 2019, 14:41
by Support Team
In version prior V1.3.0, the nsidx in the generated bin files must match the nsidx which is used at runtime.
So your use case was not possible with older versions of the SDK.

Starting with V1.3.0 the SDK supports mapping of nsidx to the one used in the server.
You need to use also the xml2bin tool from V1.3.0 to make this working,
not and old version.

Use xml2bin -V to verify what version you are using.
You should see something like this:

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xml2bin 1.3.0 (Build 231)
Copyright (C) 2006-2019, Unified Automation GmbH
Supported UA File Format: 1.5
Older versions didn't have this version info.