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Posted: 17 Aug 2018, 17:18
by yassin2403
when I stop the Server I receive the following error messages on the Terminal :

objectpool 2 (messages): 2 object leaked!
objectpool 3 (services): 2 object leaked!
objectpool 5 (sessions): 1 object leaked!
objectpool 6 (session_service_calls): 2 object leaked!

can anyone please tell me what they do mean and if the is a way to fix this erros



Re: Objectpool

Posted: 30 Aug 2018, 12:30
by Support Team
at the moment there does not exist a shutdown procedure,
which waits until all requests have been canceled and deleted.

This means if you shut down the server when there are active connections,
our memory pools detect these leaks because these objects are still in use.

This is not critical. A cyclic memory leak which would lead to an out-of-memory situation quickly would be critical.

If you disconnect all clients and shut down the server there should not be any leak,
as long as the client has deleted all subscriptions and session it has created.
If not you need to wait for the subscription/session timeout, then the SDK will recycle these objects.