Subscribe to node internally in this server

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Subscribe to node internally in this server

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Having developed a server with .NET SDK, I would like to subscribe to node internally in this server (monitoring change to node value made by the client).
I can see a similar topics in the forum, but for the C++ SDK counterpart ("How do I read or subscribe for data internally in the server" + "Modify a Variable value when another one (or more) change it").

Could you indicate, in .NET C# context, which functions to use, or some sample code, to provide a point to start from, please ?
Thank you.

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Re: Subscribe to node internally in this server

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the c# counterpart is the ServerInternalClient.

Code: Select all

                ServerInternalClient client = new ServerInternalClient(Server);
                InternalClientFastDataMonitoredItem item = new InternalClientFastDataMonitoredItem()
                    NodeId = ObjectIds.Server,
                    AttributeId = Attributes.Value,
                    Callback = YourCallback

                var list = new List<InternalClientFastDataMonitoredItem>();
                var results = client.CreateDataMonitoredItems(Server.DefaultRequestContext, list);
The InternalClientFastDataMonitoredItem will deliver the changes immediately to the Callback, if need more options use the InternalClientFullDataMonitoredItem.
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