BadTooManyOperations when using browselist

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BadTooManyOperations when using browselist

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I'm trying to read the entire OPC UA tree at once, using the most performant way.
Right now, we're recursively browsing node-by-node using session.Browse(nodeId).

I thought about using session.BrowseList(nodesToRead) and read all children at once,
Hoping that that would be more performant than sending requests out for each node.

This however gives me a 'BadTooManyOperations'.
Now this seems plausible, at some point BrowseList may be given a list with 100 or more nodes.

My issue: if there is some kind of limit on the 'amount of operations' how can I set up the BrowseList call in such a way,
that this limit is not vialoted? how can i know the max amount of operations?

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