OpcUaClient.FileModel Write

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OpcUaClient.FileModel Write

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I have implemented a short file transfer client example with .NET OPC UA SDK (code see below).

I create FileModel object and set the servers file node id. Then I split large file into chunks because the message size is limited to 16MB.
But on file.Write I get the following exception:
StatusException Message: "Write failed because the resulting size of the file would exceed the {0} byte limits set by the server."

What am I doing wrong? MaxFileSize on server side (FileModel) is set to 250 MB and my file is a lot smaller.

Code: Select all

public void WriteFile(NodeId fileNodeId, uint fileHandle, byte[] data)
            FileModel file = new FileModel(session);
            file.FileNodeId = fileNodeId;
            // split on groups with each 15.000.000 items each
            byte[][] chunks = data
                                .Select((s, i) => new { Value = s, Index = i })
                                .GroupBy(x => x.Index / 15000000)
                                .Select(grp => grp.Select(x => x.Value).ToArray())

            for (int i = 0; i < chunks.Length; i++)
                file.Write(fileHandle, chunks[i], 0);


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Re: OpcUaClient.FileModel Write

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Hello Simon,

your code example seems to work correctly.
Please check if the MaxFileSize of your file node is large enough.
Best regards
Unified Automation Support Team

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