ApplicationThreadPool synchronization

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ApplicationThreadPool synchronization

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Hi Team,

i have a requirement where i have to raise attributechangeevent (custom event inherting basemodelchangeevent)for any changes in the attributes.
i have implemented the code using threadpool.queue api but in uaexpert am able to see same data of that event is being raised twice.
when i debug am getting proper info.
How do i synchronize the threadpool?

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		foreach (var keyValuePairOfPreRequisiteData in m_DictionaryOfPreRequisiteForProjectData)
			projectmodel.AttributeChangeEventModel.Affected =
                    keyValuePairOfPreRequisiteData .key.Nodeid;
               		 projectmodel.AttributeChangeEventModel.AffectedType =
               		 projectmodel.AttributeChangeEventModel.Changes =
                	projectmodel.AttributeChangeEventModel.Message = message;
changes include data about displayname and datatype

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