Registered reading/writing

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Registered reading/writing

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Hi there,

I have developed a basic client for the SIMATIC S7-1500 OPC UA Server. We need significantly to increase the performance and according to some guys from Siemens it should be reached by using registered reading and writing. Therefore I'd like to ask you how to do that in best practice.

There is almost nothing regarding this topic in the documentation on this site, I was able to find just a reference to the method

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List<NodeId> UnifiedAutomation.UaClient.Session.RegisterNodes(IList<NodeId> nodesToRegister, RequestSettings settings) 

The method above is working, all NodeIds to register are translated to their handles. Since I got a registered handles I can't access my variables for further reading and writing via their name anymore. Do you think that creating an associative table (implemented as a Dictionary structure within .NET) is good idea how to get proper handle order by variable name a then use it for reading a value from OPC Server?

Maybe I'm absolutely wrong and I didn't understand an idea of using registered reading/writing. Please, could you give me some advice how to do that in a best way? Any example or idea will be strongly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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