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StartDataMonitoring to change sampling rate

Posted: 27 Sep 2019, 14:28
by pkrawal
I want to change the sampling rate in the example http://documentation.unified-automation ... ess03.html. Hence i am implementing a StartDataMonitoring() block. When i subscribe a node with UaExpert, this method is called but the for loop is not executed as the object OperationHandle is empty. Why does this happen ? also is this the right way to add a sampling rate of 2 ms to the server ?

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        protected override void StartDataMonitoring(
            RequestContext context,
            TransactionHandle transaction,
            IList<NodeAttributeOperationHandle> operationHandles,
            IList<uint> monitoredItemIds,
            IList<MonitoredItemCreateRequest> settings,
            IList<DataChangeEventHandler> callback)
            for (int ii = 0; ii < operationHandles.Count; ii++)
                if (settings[ii].RequestedParameters.SamplingInterval < 2)
                    settings[ii].RequestedParameters.SamplingInterval = 2;