“BasicClient” has BadCertificateUntrusted

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“BasicClient” has BadCertificateUntrusted

Post by ecpark »

I use your “UAExpert” and “BasicClient” (.Net base Sample) program.
“UAExpert” works well, but “BasicClient” has some problems.

I can connect the OPC Server with “BasicClient”.
But I can’t get value of node id ([18/01].Rd_ASV_+5V) with BasicClient.
“BadUserAccessDenied” occurs.

So, I added same user name and password for user higher access like UAExpert connection.

m_session.UserIdentity = new UserIdentity() { IdentityType = UserIdentityType.UserName, UserName = "070", Password = "070f467" };

But, connections failed with "BadCertificateUntrusted".

Please help me.

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