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GenericEvent.Set method doesn't work

Posted: 04 Jul 2017, 13:44
by alberto.piovan

I'm running .NET SDK 2.5.3, UADemoServer, and I'm trying to understand how to set the specific fields of an event. In the DemoServer the procedure is the following one:

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GenericEvent e = new GenericEvent(Server.FilterManager);
sourceId = new NodeId(Demo.Model.Variables.Demo_Events_Trigger_SampleEvent, DefaultNamespaceIndex);
                    new NodeId(1005, DefaultNamespaceIndex),
                    new LocalizedText("A sample event event."));

                e.Set("2:Boolean", m_generator.GetRandom<bool>(false));
                e.Set("2:SByte", m_generator.GetRandom<sbyte>(false));
                e.Set("2:Byte", m_generator.GetRandom<byte>(false));
                e.Set("2:Int16", m_generator.GetRandom<short>(false));
                e.Set("2:UInt16", m_generator.GetRandom<ushort>(false));
                e.Set("2:Int32", m_generator.GetRandom<int>(false));
                e.Set("2:UInt32", m_generator.GetRandom<uint>(false));
                e.Set("2:Int64", m_generator.GetRandom<long>(false));
                e.Set("2:UInt64", m_generator.GetRandom<ulong>(false));
                e.Set("2:Float", m_generator.GetRandom<float>(false));
                e.Set("2:Double", m_generator.GetRandom<double>(false));
                e.Set("2:String", m_generator.GetRandom<string>(false));
                e.Set("2:ByteString", m_generator.GetRandom<byte[]>(false));
                e.Set("2:DateTime", m_generator.GetRandom<DateTime>(false));
                e.Set("2:Guid", m_generator.GetRandom<Uuid>(false));
                e.Set("2:NodeId", m_generator.GetRandom<NodeId>(false));
                e.Set("2:ExpandedNodeId", m_generator.GetRandom<ExpandedNodeId>(false));
                e.Set("2:QualifiedName", m_generator.GetRandom<QualifiedName>(false));
                e.Set("2:LocalizedText", m_generator.GetRandom<LocalizedText>(false));
                e.Set("2:ServiceResult", m_generator.GetRandom<StatusCode>(false));
                e.Set("2:XmlElement", m_generator.GetRandom<XmlElement>(false));
I have subscribed to the object that generates the events with UaExpert but when I look at the details of the event no one of the fields set with the GenericEvent.Set method is in the list, there are only the generic fields (EventID, EventType, SourceNode, SourceName, Severity, Message).
I also tried to do:

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var test = e.Get("2:Boolean");
immediately after the Set instruction and it returned me a null.

Re: GenericEvent.Set method doesn't work

Posted: 13 Jul 2017, 12:16
by Support Team

UaExpert by default subscribes only a common subset of the event fields. You have to specify the event fields you want to receive. Please see http://documentation.unified-automation ... event.html. Do not forget to click at the 'Apply' button.

There is an optimization in .NET SDK. An event field is only set, if it is subscribed. So the method Get will return a value != null if the event field is subscribed by a client.

Re: GenericEvent.Set method doesn't work

Posted: 21 Apr 2020, 14:50
by Leo88

I have a problem with the SET method from GenericEvent.
The event works, is also displayed on the UaExpert.
However, the veriable "RfidScanResult", what is given to the event with e.set, does not come with ?!
At e.get comes back null.

Thank you in advanced.

attached the code

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        public void sendEvent()
            // create the event.
            GenericEvent e = new GenericEvent(newNodeManager.autoidNodeManager.Server.FilterManager);

            e.Initialize(   null, // EventId created by SDK if null
                            new NodeId(, newNodeManager.autoidNodeManager.NamespaceIndex),// EventType
                            getName(), // SourceName
                            EventSeverity.High, // Severity
                            "ScanResult Event :-)"); // Message

   rfidScanResult = new;
            rfidScanResult.CodeType = "CODE_TYPE";
            rfidScanResult.Location = new;
            rfidScanResult.Timestamp = DateTime.Now;
   scanData = new;
            scanData.String = "Die gelesenen Daten :-)";
            rfidScanResult.ScanData = scanData;

            rfidScanResult.Location.NMEA = "NMEA_";
            rfidScanResult.Location.Name = "NAME_";
            rfidScanResult.Location.WGS84 = new;
            rfidScanResult.Location.WGS84.Altitude = 52.10;
            rfidScanResult.Location.WGS84.Latitude = 9.10;

            UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.QualifiedName qualifiedName = new UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.QualifiedName(, newNodeManager.autoidNodeManager.NamespaceIndex);
            String strPath = e.ToPath(qualifiedName);
            e.Set(strPath, new Variant(rfidScanResult));
            Variant var = e.Get(strPath);

            newNodeManager.autoidNodeManager.ReportEvent(e.SourceNode, e);