Opc Server Subscription AddItems

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Opc Server Subscription AddItems

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i tested to connect and read/write variables on beckhoff plc (i works fine in the test-projekt in visual studio). then i wrote an new project with the same code, but it was not possible to add the Opc.Da.Items to the subscription-group.
after group.addItems(opcItems) the item-value is Items = {Opc.Da.Item[0]} but the opcItems-array has 15 entries.

can anyone help me?


ps: in the new project it is not possible to use the group.Refresh() method -> ResultIDException: E_FAIL, IOPCAsyncIO2.RefreshMaxAge

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            Opc.Da.Server opcServer = null;
            Opc.URL url = new Opc.URL("opcda://IPA-HENB236/BECKHOFF.TwinCATOpcServerDA");
            OpcCom.Factory fact = new OpcCom.Factory();
            Opc.Da.Subscription group;
            Opc.Da.SubscriptionState groupState;
            Opc.Da.Item[] opcItems;

            opcItems = new Opc.Da.Item[pm.variablesList.Count];

            opcServer = new Opc.Da.Server(fact, null);
            opcServer.Connect(url, new Opc.ConnectData(new System.Net.NetworkCredential()));

            groupState = new Opc.Da.SubscriptionState();
            groupState.Name = "newGroup";
            groupState.Active = true;            

            int i = 0;
            foreach (KeyValuePair<string, Variable> e in pm.variablesList)
                opcItems[i] = new Opc.Da.Item();
                opcItems[i].ItemName = ("PLC1." + e.Value.spsName);
            group = (Opc.Da.Subscription)opcServer.CreateSubscription(groupState);
            group.DataChanged += new Opc.Da.DataChangedEventHandler(group_DataChanged);

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Re: Opc Server Subscription AddItems

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Which SDK do you use? It doesn't look like our .NET based OPC UA SDK, that you can download from our website: http://www.unified-automation.com/downl ... pment.html

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Re: Opc Server Subscription AddItems

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