Unable to find OffNormalAlarmType

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Unable to find OffNormalAlarmType

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Trying to follow the steps in the .NET Tutorial (UaSdkNetBundleEval/doc/html/L4ServerTutGSLess02a.html) to use UA Modeler to design the ControllerType.
I have added some nodes and I am now attempting to add the StateCondition node. I have selected Object in the NodeClass column but when I try to select OffNormalAlarmType I am unable to find that type. I select the Add option and see the Browse Nodes dialog. Theres a large list of nodes type and I have drilled down into several of those type but I am unable to find OffNormalAlarmType . Any suggestions where I might find it?

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Re: Unable to find OffNormalAlarmType

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There are two ways for setting the TypeDefinition OffNormalAlarmType.
1. Type the name of the type to the TypeDefinition widget
2. Select <Add another node>
Browse to BaseObjectType > BaseEventType > ConditionType > AcknowledgeableConditionType > AlarmConditionType > DiscreteAlarmType > OffNormalAlarmType.
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