Setting value of a parent reference

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Setting value of a parent reference

Post by rudolf.pribis »

I have a question... let's assume following (based on ISA 95 information model)
EquipmentType has reference DefinedEquipmentClass with value <EquipmentClass> .
I defined StorageClassType derived from EquipmentClassType. The StorageClassType has property totalLotQuantity (as Float).
Next, I defined StorageType derived from EquipmentType.
I was expecting, that would be possible to configure DefinedEquipmentClas at StorageType and set value to StorageClassType. It is only possible at object instance level.

My idea was to create a modelling rule with wichh during instance creation I will add to <PropertyName> all properties from StorageClassType. Is this idea against OPC UA address space specification?

Thank you

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