Create many objects/variables at once

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Create many objects/variables at once

Post by DanielEichberger »

I am building a rather complex information model and need to create several hundred of objects as well as variables.
It would come in really handy if there was a way to create those elements at once by importing a list of some sort or by any other means.
Is there any way to achieve this or, if not, a workaround to save me a lot of hours of labour?

Thanks in advance!

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Support Team
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Re: Create many objects/variables at once

Post by Support Team »

Hello Daniel,

The intended use of UaModeler is creating type systems. There are many checks in the UaModeler implementation to get OPC UA information models that are correct with reference to the OPC UA specification. Because of these checks UaModeler's performance slows down for very big models.
If you want to create many similar nodes, we recommend to create them in code. However you can click at the green '+' in the children view of UaModeler. This will create a copy of the node.
Best regards
Unified Automation Support Team

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