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Dear support team,

I updated Opc.Ua.Di.NodeSet2.xml to 1.02 version without a problem.
How to update the "Opc.Ua.NodeSet2.ua" to a newer version(1.05) at UaModeler1.6.2?
Refer to OPC Unified Architecture Part 100 release 1.02 at the Interface chapter5.5. I wanted to have BaseInterfaceType.
So I tried an empty UaModeler1.6.2 new project without any models then add an existing model with a newer Opc.Ua.Nodeset2.xml version(v1.05) which was download from https://github.com/OPCFoundation/UA-Nod ... ter/Schema.
The UaModeler return error message "Element {http://opcfoundtion.org/U/2011/03/UANod ... UADataType contains unknown attribute ReleseStatus.
Could you help me? Thank you!


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Re: Opc.Ua.NodeSet2.ua

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Currently it is not possible to update Opc.Ua.NodeSet2.ua. There is the feature request, to use other versions of the NodeSet file for namespace 0.
Best regards
Unified Automation Support Team

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