UaModeler and version control

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UaModeler and version control

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Hello all,

We are using the C++ SDKs and UaModeler to make changes to our OPC-UA model.
The uamodeler project files, model xml definition and generated code all live in one git repository.

Sometimes it happens that changes to the OPC-UA model are done in different branches that then need to be merged together. Because UaModeler projects are in a binary format this merging cannot be done automatically.
Perhaps we could use the xml model to merge the branches but we would need to do that manually as well because the merging involves some logic, e.g. to prevent different nodes having the same node id, etc...

Is there a way to merge different models together into one automatically ? If not do you have any suggestions how to approach this problem ? Does UaModeler have some features that can help with this that we don't know ?
Also, it would be nice if, for example, code generation could be done from the command line so our Jenkins can do that automatically.

Thanks in advance,

Lambert Duijst

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Re: UaModeler and version control

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UaModeler does not have a merge mechanism for models.
If you are extensing an existing model, you could create an additional model. If you want to merge, you can change the namespaces of the nodes in the new model in the gui.
An XML merge could work, but you must be very carefully. Editing NodeSet2 XML files by hand is really a pain.
Best regards
Unified Automation Support Team

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