PLCOpen CtrlFunctionBlockType with UaModeler

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PLCOpen CtrlFunctionBlockType with UaModeler

Post by kapsl »

Hi together,
we want to model a plc function block but I'm really stuck here. Actually I'm not sure, if I make an error, or UaModeler is missing some functions here...

So we included the PLCopen NodeSet. And I created a new subtype TopologyElementType --> BlockType --> CtrlProgramOrganizationUnitType --> CtrlFunctionBlockType --> MyBlock. Now as defined in the PLCOpen specification I want to add an InputVar to this block. This means that (if it is a variable and not another Function Block), I should have a HasInputVar Reference to a UAVariable. In the Modeler I can easily do this by adding a child. But then i have a HasComponent Reference. When I use the HasInputVar reference I cannot add a UAVariable in the same way. Also trying to change the xml-Nodeset file did not lead to success ;-(

Does anybody have a solution for this?

lg Manu

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Re: PLCOpen CtrlFunctionBlockType with UaModeler

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Hello manu,

You can change / select the ReferenceType from the type node to the Variable.
Select the type node, expand the Variable node in the Children tab and change the ReferenceType to HasInputVar.
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