How to create an array of NodeIds

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How to create an array of NodeIds

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I want to use UaModeler to create an information model based on PackML companion specification. (btw: Are any sample/Example models from PackML companion specification available?)

I am trying to use "AvailableStates" and "AvailableTransitions" nodes. As per the specifications (PDF), both these nodes are variables of type NodeId[] i.e., array of NodeIds. In the UaModeler, the valueRank = OneDimension. Now, even though I change the ArrayDimensions to anything greater than 0, I do not get an option to add value to these nodes. In other words, there is no provision to add any value (NodeIds) to the AvailableStates/AvailableTransitions.

So the question is, how to model Available states and Available Transitions in correct way?

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Re: How to create an array of NodeIds

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you cannot edit arrays of NodeIds with the current version of UaModeler.

We recommend to set these values in the server application (in code). The other children of the FiniteStateMachineType CurrentState and LastTransiton need to be set in code anyway.

Currently we do not have public available samples for PackML companion specification.
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