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Forum Rules

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This forum is to ask and answer questions related to Unified Automation products and OPC UA technology in general. Everyone is allowed to create an account in this forum, and you must create an account in order to post a message. Please Note: The forum account cannot be used for the download area of the Unified Automation Website.

For using this Forum please respect the following:

  • All posts to this forum must be in English
  • Unified Automation product and OPC related topics only
  • Follow the advice on posting in the forum
  • When an answer solves your problem, mark this answer (by clicking on the green check mark)
  • No blatant advertising, No off-topic posts
  • No strong language, No flames

If you do not follow this rules, moderators will move or delete your post without notice!

If you have any further questions, please send an email to the forum administrator:
Best regards
Unified Automation Support Team

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