Using Wireshark to analyze OPC UA Binary Protocol

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Using Wireshark to analyze OPC UA Binary Protocol

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The OPC UA dissector plug in for OPC UA binary protocol is available in the official Wireshark V1.6.x release.
  1. After download, install Wireshark and follow the on screen instructions
  2. Start Wireshark
  3. Configure the Protocol Preferences (add Ports you want to capture in Edit->Preferences->Protocols->OpcUa)
  4. Select your network card and configure the Capture Filter
  5. Start Capturing
Start your OPC UA Server and connect with your Client, Wireshark is now capturing all service calls on the network. After performing the actions you want to capture, stop the Wireshark capturing. Set your "Display Filters" to reduce the view on all the captured information (e.g. filter for 'opcua' to see only OPC UA traffic).

NOTE: Encrypted OPC UA connections can not be analyzed, of course.
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