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Can OPC UA run on 64bit ?

Posted: 18 Mar 2011, 15:40
by Support Team
Yes, even though there is no SDK product available for 64bit OS, OPC UA can run on 64bit.

The source SDKs for Linux and Windows can simply be recompiled using a 64 bit toolchain. The Linux and Windows platform layers automatically adapt to 64 bit platforms with these toolchains.

For Windows, precompiled versions of OpenSSL and LibXml2 are delivered for your convenience. These are 32bit binaries per default. You either need to recompile these dependencies yourself or can get them from Unified Automation.

On Linux the system OpenSSL and LibXml2 libraries are used, which should be available by default on 64bit Linux systems. You may need to install developer packages for the header files if they are not already installed.

A 64bit Windows Version of Unified Automation's C++ based OPC UA SDK with precompiled third-party libraries is available on request.