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Can OPC UA run on Windows CE ?

Posted: 18 Mar 2011, 15:37
by Support Team
Even though there is no SDK product available for WinCE OS, OPC UA can run on WinCE.

OPC UA is designed completely independent from any operating system or system architecture. The OPC UA ANSI C Stack can be compiled for WinCE, but of course then you will need OpenSSL for WinCE. The OpenSSL compilation for WinCE may be a little tricky, because WinCE does not support all ANSI C (c99) functions. Therefor OpenSSL will only compile on WinCE when using an ANSI C compatibility library that adds the missing functionality. There are several of these compatibility libaries on the market, but some of them use GPL code and by this are not suitable for commercial use. However, the UA Stack and the C++ SDK can be compiled for WinCE with only minor changes.

Unified Automation has prepared a WinCE version of C++ based OPC UA SDK on x86 and ARM platform and proved that they are running. These versions are available on request for customers that have already bought a Win32 source code version of the SDK.