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Make "addObjectsFolderMYOBJECT(factory)" public

Posted: 07 Jul 2021, 17:48
by MartinMajewski
Hi there,

how to put it straight?

UaModeler's capability to instantiate a Type is great and makes life so much easier. However, there should be an option if this instantiation will produce "production-ready" code like it does now (directly browsable after the myNodeManager is assigned to the server), or if just the boilerplate code is created.

As I have another use-case for this functionality than just using it for demo purposes, I have to move the addObjectsFolderMYOBJECT(factory) method definitions to the
section after every single code generation, as the NodeManagerBase file gets overwritten. Moreover, I have to remove the call to this function from the
so I can instantiate the object tree when I have to during runtime.

It would be great if this functionality would be more accessible.

Best wishes,