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I was going through OPC log file, found Reset m_watchdogReadPending being logged after every 5sec.
what does this log indicate? find the below log for more information.

16:05.17|0028|04|4|Reset m_watchdogReadPending
16:05.22|0022|04|4|Reset m_watchdogReadPending
16:05.27|0022|04|4|Reset m_watchdogReadPending
16:05.32|0020|04|4|Reset m_watchdogReadPending
16:05.37|0026|04|4|Reset m_watchdogReadPending
16:05.42|0019|04|4|Reset m_watchdogReadPending
16:05.47|0019|04|4|Reset m_watchdogReadPending


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Re: watchdogReadPending

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Hi Suresh,

please post such questions in the forum section of the affected product.
From your post we do not know which product you are using.
Best regards
Unified Automation Support Team

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