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LDS-ME support

Posted: 02 Nov 2016, 13:56
by wtango
HI Unified Automation Support Team,
Is C++ 1.5.2 version SDK support LDS-ME feature? If not, is it any plan to support this feature?

Tanks in advance

Re: LDS-ME support

Posted: 02 Nov 2016, 16:15
by Support Team

the LDS and the LDS-ME are local discovery servers available from the OPC Foundation. Such LDS (or LDS-ME) must be installed on the machine where your OPC UA Server is running. The LDS must use the Tcp port 4840.

You can configure the C++ SDK (Server) to register at the LDS. This same function can be used to register at the LDS-ME. In that sense the C++ "supports" the LDS-ME, because it can register itself at the LDS-ME. The only new feature in the LDS-ME (compared to LDS without ME) is that there is a new advanced registration function: "RegisterServer2()" that allows to announce "Server Capabilities" (like DA, AE and HA) in addition to the "pure" URL registration. This information can be configured "manually" in the LDS-ME if despreately required. However, most clients can not deal with that information anyway.

But the zeroconf announcment of registered server is LDS-ME functionality and will work in any case.

To enable LDS registration you can switch on in config.xml file of the C++ server. Make sure your UA Server and the LDS have trusted eachother's certificate in order to make registration work.

Best Regards
Support Team