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Search function

Post by kimoeller »

Hello UA Expert Team,

I like to request a new feature for the UaExpert Client: For us (and I think for other users too) it'll be very helpful if you could provide a text search (especially for NodeIds) in the whole Address Space.

We often work with several 100 NodeIds and use address trees that has a depth of more than 20. So it is quite difficult to find the right Id when you just have a vague idea where to find it but in general it is very time consuming clicking through large trees. That implies, that it should be possible putting the NodeIds from a Results View in the Data Access View directly.

What do you think about the idea?

Kind regards,

49324 Melle

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Re: Search function

Post by Support Team »


the UaExpert has kind of this "search"-feature already.
1) you can "manually" add the NodeID you are looking for in the Attribute-Window (upper right corner "plus" icon)
2) UaExpert will "Read" all attributes of the given NodeID you are looking for (without browsing millions of tree node entries)
3) in the Attribute-Window you press the "show in tree" icon (upper middle green "target-circle" icon)
4) UaExpert shows the node in the tree (by only browsing reverse references from the child backward)

That said, the functionallity is already there, but in a more OPC UA way of "searching".

The UaExpert can store the Nodes you have selected in the UaExpert-Project file (.uap), when you open directly (double click .uap) the UaExpert will add all the nodes again to recover the DA View (same with all other views), no need to browse again nor click again (similar as HMI system would do the job)

Please keep in mind: a nodeID is not nescesarily a "string", in most cases it will be a numeric number, or even a GUID or opaque, therefore a "text" search would not be a good idea (inefficient).
Best regards
Unified Automation Support Team

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