OPCUA Event Export

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OPCUA Event Export

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It would be nice to be able to export some of the opcua event data:
* One of the data users we have on our product needs to configure all the parameters they care about. Doing this by hand is difficult because the viewing window for that data is extremely small and there could be thousands of parameters inside a single event.
* I'm working through troubleshooting issues on a python library for opcua and it would be handy to have that available at times.

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Re: OPCUA Event Export

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the UaExpert has a menu button to Hide/Unhide all docking widgets (farmost right button). By this you can quickly switch the UaExpert to a "full screen" mode (only displaying the Event-View). This gives you more space (width) to see all the details.

The Event-View shows the "most important" fields in a simple list, and all the rest in detail when clicking/selecting the event in the window below. If you event has thousands of parameters, it is definately not good for displaying them. The user typically selects fields of interest only (filter).
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