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Hi Forum,

Our OPC UA server does not expose AlarmCondition instances in the AddressSpace.
For that reason, the Reset method can not be browsed in the Address Space pane in UAExpert.

In UAExpert's Event View's Alarm pane only Confirm, Acknowledge and Add Comment are available.

Is there any way to call the Reset method on the AlarmCondition instance from UAExpert when it is not exposed in the AddressSpace?

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Re: Reset

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yes in theory the UaExpert Events View may call that method, however in the Events View we only put GUI buttons for the most obvious (ack, confirm, add comment) and by this focus on the bare minimum an alarm should have implemented.

Typically, when such methods are exposed in the address space, you can call them from there (right click on the node). However, when it is not exposed in address space is no way to call it with UaExpert.
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