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Node management

Posted: 07 May 2020, 09:26
by trofimich

I found question about node management support in 2011:

Waht changed from that time? Some sppecial functionality should exist for this, but how to check it?

Re: Node management

Posted: 19 May 2020, 19:38
by Support Team

do you have a server that supports node management services? You should write your own client to add/remove (configure) your server though.

UaExpert has no such support, because we (still) have no need for it.

Re: Node management

Posted: 21 May 2020, 16:02
by trofimich

Currently we developing the tool and have some tasks which can be solved with node management API. But for testing we always use UAExpert.

The problem is that UAExpert is very famous OPC-UA client and it has a great influence on the OPC-UA standards using.

For us it has no sence to use node management API while UAExpert does not support them.

Similar problem with state machines. Currently they are not popular, but if UAExpert will have special interface for them then developers will see thet and will use them more often i think...

Re: Node management

Posted: 01 Jul 2020, 14:02
by Support Team

totally agree that if UaExpert is not doing it, most likely no other UA Client in the world can do it. Nevertheless the Node Management Services are rarely used. Typical use case would be an engineering tool for a certain server implementation (of that same vendor), because for adding nodes (i.e. the address mapping layout) you would need some insights on that certain target server. An effective GUI design for such "configuration tool" (including good usability when adding hundrets of tags at once), can only be implemented by the vendor of the target server (and most likely will not be "generic"). That said the UaExpert would not create an satisfactory solution.

In contrast thereto (and alternatively) our .NET based SDK supports the node management services, hence you could easily implement your client yourself.