Bad Timeout with S7-1200

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Bad Timeout with S7-1200

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When I try to connect to a Simatic S7-1200 with UAExpert and log in with username and password, I get the error message

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Error 'BadTimeout' was returned during OpenSecureChannel
and the login fails. If I disable security and try without logging in, there are no problems and I can access my data.
With another program, the login works with username and password.

I have set up the systems according to the following instructions from Siemens: and use the UaExpert version 1.6.3 448

Thank you for your reply.

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Re: Bad Timeout with S7-1200

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the BadTimeout is rather un-usual for security issues in connection establishment, you will typically get "BadSecurityChecksFaild". The "BadTimeOut" during connection establishment is pointing to different error. Typically you get timeout when the serverside endpoint is not available at all, either wrong IP or wrong port, or the endpoint does not exist at all.

Your best option:
Switch on the file trace in UaExpert, turn up the trace level and have a look for "errors" in the file, it is much more detailed than the GUI-Log-Window.
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