Not all DisplayNames show localized text

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Not all DisplayNames show localized text

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I'm using UaExpert to test an OPC-UA server application that I am developing. I've changed the UaExpert General.LocalId to 'fr-FR' and then connected to my server. In the Address Space and the Data Access View, I'm not seeing the French translation of nodes Display name, but it is translated in the Attributes view.


Am I correct in expecting that all 3 views (Address Space, DA View and Attributes) should show the same localised text?


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Re: Not all DisplayNames show localized text

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there might be a misunderstanding how UaExpert works. The UaExpert shows DisplayName obtained during "browsing" in the tree, and when drag&drop the item into the DAView will "reuse" the already known DisplayName as being obtained during browsing. In contrast thereto the AttributeWindow on the right, is showing the result of explicitely "reading" all attributes of a particular node. The localeID is requested global for the session, hence can not change on the fly, must disconnect/connect (create new session) to take effect. The DAView will update only when drag&drop the node again after changing the localeID.

In your case it seems that the server is returning different DisplayName when browsing and when reading, which is probably implementation bug in your server. Obvioulsy server is falling back to "en" (default) when "fr" is not present.

In the .NET Demo Server (as contained in the .NET based OPC UA Client Server SDK) you can find a Variable inside the "011_UnicodeTest" folder having DisplayName "Hello World" which demonstrates how it should look like (DisplayName and Description and Value have localized text for "en" and "de").
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